FIXED POINTS 150 150 Supersteps



30 lessons / 1hour

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In this Popping tutorial, you will learn basic popping technique to introduce you to the style. But also you will then learn some advance Popping technique to take your skills to the next level.

Skills you will gain

  • You will first learn how to play with the basics: Single, Double Pop and also how you can mix it together while dancing.

  • You will then learn 4 different level of the Fixed Points Technique.

  • Finally, you will learn how to put everything together and combine it into a Freestyle.

Brooke's bio

Brooke Milliner is, without doubt, one of the freshest choreographic talents in the UK.

He has became, over the past 10 years. the forerunner of the UK’s street dance scene and a global ambassador winning numerous major international events and gaining recognition and respect for his skills from his peers and from many of the original generation dance icons and pioneers.