Social Media Mastery

Learn how Dancers can build their social media presence,
get more followers and turn followers into paid customers


42 Lessons / 4 hours

Instagram is a very powerful tool to market yourself. However, it is often not used to is full potential. In this course, you will learn the right technique and approach to build your Instagram account to reach more people, increase your engagement with your community and gain more followers.

At the end of the course

you will know how to:

✔️ Build a brand around your name
✔️ Increase your visibility and engagement
✔️ Gain more followers on a daily basis
✔️ Monetise your followers

  • 1.1 Building a strong personal brand — Part. 1
    1.2 Building a strong personal brand — Part. 2
    1.3 Building a strong personal brand — Part. 3

  • 2.1 Choosing a good Instagram handle
    2.2 Picking a good profile picture
    2.3 What name should you use
    2.4 Writing an appealing bio
    2.5 Choosing an Instagram aesthetic

  • 3.1 Posting valuable and relevant content
    3.2 The 80/20 Posting ratio
    3.3 The limitless content strategy
    3.4 Leaving your stamp to be remembered

  • 4.1 Multiply your chance to be seen
    4.2 What are the best hashtags to pick
    4.3 How to place your hashtags
    4.4 When to use your hashtags
    4.5 Hack to save time when hashtaging

  • 5.1 Effective hacks to improve your engagement
    5.2 Writing a captivating caption
    5.3 Attracting people by running a contest

  • 6.1 Using viral content to your advantage
    6.2 How to grow by engaging with others
    6.3 Share for share strategy

  • 7.1 Attracting followers with an ad
    7.2 Attracting followers with an ad
    7.3 Using influencers to boost your account

  • 8.1 Crafting your mission statement
    8.2 Defining your audience
    8.3 Maximising your product profit
    8.4 Building a website
    8.5 Offering a good offer
    8.6 Generating content consistently
    8.7 Setting up an email campaign

  • The blueprint for future success


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